Issue 10: Leadership

On Leadership - Mentoring, ESG, Communicating and Managing Risk.

Issue 10: Leadership

On Leadership – Mentoring, ESG, Communicating and Managing Risk.

In challenging times, it can be easy to dwell on the current situation. It’s a job of leaders to oversee the vision of what your organisation will look like in years ahead. This month we are looking leadership, including mentoring and ESG in leadership.

What’s inside this issue:

How can you use mentoring skills to grow your leadership and maximise impact? – Charities Network Magazine
Developing mentoring skills to reduce turnover, transform relationships and get more effective impact out of your team.
Providing leadership on ESG – Charities Network Magazine
It is now more critical than ever that those in leadership positions take responsibility for their surrounding environment and society.
What one thing? – Charities Network Magazine
Having one clear goal will help you massively to focus the message of your communication, and it will help your audience to actually respond.
Minimising your risks as trustees and officers – Charities Network Magazine
Effective risk management should be carried out in all operations and key decision-making processes.

Case studies

Why Crisis is partnering with Zoopla – Charities Network
I interviewed Crisis on how this partnership came about and what they hoped it would achieve towards the charity’s mission.

Around the web

  • What Works Wellbeing assessing the impact of cost of living on wellbeing
  • A report exploring charity reserves management in Scotland
  • Why customer experience is critical for not-for-profits to manage, make and measure impact
  • Why assessing impact remains crucial by NPC

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