Charity impact report inspiration

Examples of charity impact reports with key considerations.
report on a screen sitting on a desk

Charity impact report inspiration

Examples of charity impact reports with key considerations.


Creating content in multiple formats and mediums to reach multiple audiences is nothing new, but the Cornwall Museums Partnership has integrated audio recordings of its text into its annual reports to make them more accessible. They also engage locals with playful Cornish headings.

Dementia UK, engages supporters with a video version of their impact reports, making it accessible to a broader base.


As mentioned earlier and in Adept’s case study, accountability for goals set the previous year builds trust and credibility with engaged supporters. Kidney Research UK has outlined their goals and whether they have met them, with a helpful but short reason for why or how they may or may not have met the goal.

Standing out and reflecting your brand

Fun, playful infographics help draw attention to key points, even better if the playful style reflects the brand of your organisation, like Bookmark Reading. If your brand values are different, you can still create pages that stand out, just in your own branding, helping readers understand what you’re about through the design, narrative and transparency.

Again, reflecting their branding with big and bold infographics – SeeAbility makes the key impact measures they want to show, ‘impactful’.

Or with bright photographs like TreeAid.

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