Navigating change: Beacon’s rebranding journey

Findacure sought to clarify its mission and vision in a collaborative rebrand resulting in their new identity as Beacon.
Findacure becomes Beacon

Navigating change: Beacon’s rebranding journey

Findacure sought to clarify its mission and vision in a collaborative rebrand resulting in their new identity as Beacon.

In a strategic move reflecting their commitment to the rare disease community, UK-based non-profit organisation Beacon, formerly Findacure, underwent a significant rebranding initiative in 2022.

Beacon’s mission

Beacon’s mission is straightforward: to ensure individuals facing rare diseases don’t endure their journey alone. The organisation serves as a source of guidance, assisting patients and their families in navigating the complexities of rare diseases.

Living with a rare disease can be isolating, with patients often contending with misdiagnoses, delayed treatment, and a lack of support. Beacon acknowledges these challenges as prevalent in the patient experience and addresses them through free patient group training. These sessions provide essential guidance for support groups to connect, collaborate, and uplift their communities.

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After a decade of supporting the rare community, the organisation sought to clarify its mission and vision, Findacure, as it was known, decided to rebrand to Beacon in February 2022. The process involved a collaborative approach, with:

  • Patient groups
  • Trustees
  • Staff
  • The Costello Medical branding agency

Through focus groups and consultation, they found out the following:

  • The pros and cons of being named Findacure
  • How other people perceived their name
  • A name change that avoided the cons of their current name
  • How their brand could resonate with the above groups

Beacon’s CEO, Rick Thompson, highlighted the inclusive nature of the rebrand, stating, “Our team was consulted throughout the entire process to ensure that their voice and opinions were heard and valued.” The engagement of patient groups and trustees reflects Beacon’s commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that the new identity resonates with those it serves.

A key assumption with the patient community was that they were research-centred. Therefore, one aim of the rebrand was to reflect the inclusive nature of the organisation in being more than research and not limited in its potential engagement with beneficiaries.

Why “Beacon”?

The choice of the name “Beacon” holds significance. A beacon serves as a guide in challenging situations, illuminating the way to safety. Beacon envisions itself as that guiding light, providing warmth, comfort, and direction for patients navigating the challenges of a rare diagnosis.

The rebranding process also included developing a new visual identity aligning with Beacon’s core values of navigation, communication, and being a guiding light. The topographic pattern and stylised flame brandmark symbolise their commitment to helping voluntary organisations support patients in overcoming the challenges they face.

Working with Costello Medical

To bring their vision to life, Beacon collaborated with Costello Medical. The team explored various design concepts, considering contrasting ideas to represent Beacon’s values and tone of voice. The final concept was applied across various brand touchpoints, including the website, social media, event collateral, and merchandise.

The rebrand was officially launched at Beacon’s International Rare Disease Showcase 2022, marking a significant moment in the charity’s history.

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