One-destination model helping to improve dementia support

How a one-destination model to dementia support is helping improve the quality of life and wellbeing of people living with dementia.
Activity Room - Chairobics

New research into Dementia Support’s full-service dementia hub, Sage House, has shown that having dementia support services under one roof increases the Quality of Life & Mental Wellbeing.

Wayfinding Service
Wayfinding Service at Sage House

An integrated approach

The integrated approach to care allows people to access combined services delivered by experienced staff that previously were provided by the NHS or other providers, all under one roof. This is well aligned with the national agenda of “living well with dementia”.

Sage House offers a one-to-one advice “wayfinding” service, day breaks, activities, support groups, personal care and dementia-friendly spaces such as an activity room, technology zone, hairdressing salon and café. They aim to continue to develop new services and resources, including co-locating the NHS Memory Assessment Service within their hubs to support the early diagnosis strategy.

Evaluating the impact

The academic study carried out by the University of Chichester has demonstrated, through qualitative research of people with dementia and carers’ experience, that the new one-destination model is proving to have a “profoundly positive impact on Quality of Life & Wellbeing”, particularly around areas of Environment, Wellbeing and Expertise.

100% of the 41 respondents agreed:

  • That the integrated approach was helpful
  • That they would recommend Sage House to family and friends
  • That other people living with dementia would benefit from having access to Sage House.
  • That other Care Providers would benefit from having access to Sage House.

Daisys Cafe
Daisys Cafe at Sage House

Improving service delivery

Though Sage House has been operating for 5 years, the results of this research will help build evidence for the one-destination model to be replicated nationally and so improve the delivery of support to people with dementia. A 1st replicator is already in development in West Berkshire.

Other positive community effects include the reduced load on NHS and Social Services, benefiting the local health economy.

Sally Tabbner, Dementia Support (Charity) CEO, noted, “We see, hear and feel the difference we’re making for people at Sage House every single day, so to now have that reinforced by our customers and carers has been incredibly validating for the Dementia Support team. We want our customers & carers to live well with dementia – and we believe we’re on a road to evidencing that.”

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