Issue 22: Moving forward

We cover examples of succession, mergers, new income generation and resources on growth and strategy.

Issue 22: Moving forward

We cover examples of succession, mergers, new income generation and resources on growth and strategy.

As it gets towards the year’s end, and you may be thinking about publishing an impact report for this year, two questions come to mind: “How have we done this year?” and “Where are we going?”. Your vision will define the ultimate success of your charity’s mission, but how you get there milestone by milestone will be different and may change as you look at past progress, present circumstances and future opportunities.

This strategy-focused issue looks at ways in which charities can look and move forward in different ways. We cover examples of succession, mergers, new income generation and resources on growth and strategy. This is the last issue of Charities Network this year.

What’s in this issue?

Navigating succession challenges: How one community foundation has helped sustain a charity’s vital grant giving work.

How one grant-giving charity overcame succession challenges
This story highlights how working with your local community foundation can be a viable option for succession planning.

How St Luke’s Hospice is tapping into the fast-growing pre-loved market to generate income and awareness.

Tapping into the fast-growing pre-loved market to raise funds – Charities Network Magazine
St Luke’s Hospice’s new shop has helped engage a new demographic as well as contribute toward their £7.5 million fundraising target.

Defining success for 2025 and other reads on growth and strategy.

Reads: Looking ahead for 2024-25 and beyond

▶ What does success this year look like? Many end-of-year impact reports will be published at the end of this year, and one thing it provides is an opportunity to update your audience on how you are progressing towards the milestone goals and, ultimately, the mission of your organisation.

The use of SMART goals on what should be achieved by 2025, for example, as The Fire Fighters Charity or Settle have set and publicly published, provides clarity on what success looks like in a defined period of time and creates a shared sense of vision and purpose to both internal and external stakeholders.

▶ Still on the subject of strategy, here is Eastside People’s list of top 10 strategy resources for those interesting in learning more about strategic planning, or want to develop a broader perspective on the subject.

▶ There have been quite a few mergers between charities recently as charities look to grow their impact, such as 2 mind charities in London.

This article in CharityToday looks at how Me2 Club are growing their impact as well as operations. “Demand for Me2 Club’s services is on the increase: we’ve doubled the size of our staff team, relocated to bigger offices, helped 60% more children year on year and a key part of our strategy has been expanding into the neighbouring borough of Reading – a significant and ambitious undertaking.”

▶ Recognising how your organisation is perceived is important, Faith Chrisp looks at why working on the experience of different stakeholders matters.

▶ Growth doesn’t come with out its struggles. Katie Antill, CEO, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support Services shares their experience of growing pains with ACEVO.

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